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Horses currently for sale are listed to the left.

Sheila loves a project.  One of my favorite projects is finding "diamonds in the rough" and bringing them to their potential as show horses and riding horses.  I regularly have several project horses in training and offers them for sale when they are ready.  My particular specialties are in dressage and the jumpers, all done with an emphasis on a natural horsemanship approach.

I specialize in quality horses for Dressage, Hunters/Jumpers, Eventing and Trails. 

To me, a good horse is a good horse, regardless of breed.  Training, talent, and a good disposition is what most buyers are looking for and that's what I concentrate on finding and bringing along for sale.  All horses that I offer for sale have solid basics in Dressage and Natural Horsemanship as well as whatever their "chosen" discipline requires.

Thoroughbreds, particularly OTTBs (Off the Track Thoroughbreds) hold a special place in my heart for their amazing heart, versatility, and try.  I try to always have a few OTTBs at various stages in their retraining for sale.  Even if you've always thought a TB would be "too hot" for what you want, you may want to check out the videos of ours for sale.  Like any breed, TBs are all individuals.  They come in all sizes (from 14.3 to 17.3) and  temperaments (solid citizen packers to hot tempered high performance types).

For the purely recreational or competitive trail rider, gaited horses are popular and fun.  I often come across nice gaited horses to offer for sale.  My favorites are Tennessee Walking Horses and Missouri Fox Trotters.  Even the gaited horses I sell, are thoroughly grounded in basic dressage, making for an even nicer ride.

Coming up for sale in the next few months:

No project horses are currently in training.  We just moved to our farm in Cynthiana, KY and are building the farm from scratch--including the barns, ring, and training areas.  Please check back soon.