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'Cause red is Nick's favorite color!

During the end of August and the beginning of September 2013 , we relocated from Oxford, Pennsylvania to a 51 acre farm in Cynthiana, Kentucky.  We now have the horses "at home" and are all loving life.  The dogs, Chief the lab and Titus the Rottweiler, love farm life and are truly enjoying being outside so much.  Nick loves it since he no longer has to be packed up to go everytime we needed to go take care of the horses.  Although he is a bit bummed since we lack internet connections at this moment.  Scott is enjoying his new job at Paul Miller Ford in Lexington and looking forward to getting some of the horses in training to race finally this winter and spring of 2014.  Sheila is in heaven having the horses at home too, and is looking forward to getting a riding ring in and getting back to riding and training the horses.

Our new place is very picturesque, so there will be plenty of pictures on the pictures page if you are interested.  We just found out recently, that the main part of the house was built in 1906 and used carbide lights, and that there was a saltpeter mine on the back of the property that was used in the manufacture of gunpowder in the "old days".  We are all looking forward to getting the farm facilities designed and built, and getting the house remodeled into what we want.  While we will miss our friends and having family close by, we look forward to exploring our new area.