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Tiz Brian had two foals from his small test crop, a filly and a colt, both of which are very promising foals.

The filly, out of Full Cup is Full Cup's third foal.  "Sophia" was born very correctly built and has only gotten better as she has grown. A very, very solidly built filly, Tiz Brian really stamped her physically.  She has a very relaxed attitude about life--nothing seems to faze her--a perfect temperament for a future racehorse.  Her stide is long and especially fluid.  The "nicking" of Sophia's breeding is phenomenal, with a whopping 75% graded stakes winners for fillies.  We certainly hope she got that memo!

The colt, "Cullen", was not specifically bred for racing, although he has the bloodlines for it.  His dam, Impressiveleigh, is Sheila's favorite horse and has extensive show horse training.  However, she did not have a very good racing career prior to us obtaining her, although we do feel strongly that with different handling she may have been a very different race horse.  Cullen, mentally, is one of the most confident and cocky foals we have seen yet.  Impressiveleigh is the lead mare of the herd, and seems to have passed her temperament and confidence on to her son.  Physically, he does not closely resemble either parent, but is very much the phenotype of his grandfather, the great racehorse, Tiznow.  We can only hope his racing career will resemble his grandfather as well!


Tiz Brian has two foals due. 

Full Cup is due in February.
Go Gale is due in April.

He will be bred to Full Cup, Lady Zoe, and our newest broodmare Hatta (by Thunder Gulch out of a Kris S mare) this spring.  This will be Hatta's first foal.  We have not decided for sure, but he may be bred also to Go Gale too.